Welcome to BioPlus Manufacturing LLC

Welcome to BioPlus Manufacturing LLCWelcome to BioPlus Manufacturing LLCWelcome to BioPlus Manufacturing LLC

BioPlus Manufacturing was established in 1976.



BioPlus Manufacturing is a pioneer and leader in enzyme based soil treatments and foliar products for agriculture. Based in Hawkins Texas since 1976, products and research are moving forward each year. Each batch of concentrate product is laboratory tested for strength and consistency. 

Peas that are on our program.

With Enzymes and added soil conditioners you improve your soil and get more efficiency out of fertilizers. You can lower input costs. Enzymes in our products help make reserve phosphorus available; help increase carbohydrates in your crop to discourage sucking insects; reduce sodium and herbicide carryover.

We can put together a customized program based on a good soil test and get microbial power engaged to increase even more enzymes in your soils.


Deep soil analysis; experience with products to get results!

Send us a copy of your soil test and our biological experts will help put together a plan for you. ibsinc1986@hotmail.com